Nothing can compare with the felling that you get when you know you did everything to protect your house and your loved ones. The intelligent security system can offer you the option to watch what happens inside your house as well as outside, whether you are there or not.

Video surveillance

The main reason why video cameras are used not only in commercial spaces but also in our homes is the fact that you can identify the presumable robbers. These cameras become more than simple surveillance cameras if they are integrated into a centralized system. Advantages:

  • video control over your house, children, pets, elders, or employees from anywhere with the help of your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • the option to see who is at your door without leaving your armchair, bed or even when you are not at home

Integrated alarm system

The alarm system can be integrated and configured into the home automation so that the end user can benefit of the following:

  • can check the alarm status from anywhere
  • can arm or partially arm with just one touch
  • program an auto-arm or auto-disarm
  • receive notifications in case of unforeseen arm or disarm events
  • combine security events into scenes or integrate them to obtain other applications

Flood prevention

In order to prevent the flood and the collateral damage, electro valves that are triggered by water sensors placed in key areas need to be installed. Advantages:

  • the water sensor detects water in inappropriate places and activates the electro valve which stops the water instantaneously
  • notifications regarding unforeseen events are sent

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