CKBSmart House

The CKbSmart house which is situated in a residential area in Constanta, is controlled with the help of central controller which integrates different protocols and varios devices such as Z-Wave, IP and ZigBee.

With the help of the phone, tablet or PC, the system installed in this house allows the user the control of the following:

  • light fixtures or group of lights fixture (on/off, dim, RGB color picker)
  • heating system (undefloor heating, towel heater, heating convector in window areas) and cooling systems (AC)
  • access gates
  • security system (alarm system, IP cameras, door/windows sensors, water/smoke sensors)
  • media system (TV, media player, Sound system 5.1)
  • multi-zone irrigation system

The house is designed so that it wakes up with its user. You can set your alarm clock from the App, as well as the active days and then the house gets ready for your pleasant morning. It starts warming up  the house before the wake-up time, and then when the wake-up hour is reached it opens the curtains, plays your favorite music, turns on the lights if needed and finally it offers local weather info. Additionally, at night once the area downstairs is armed the night scene is triggered.

The users also benefit from scenes such as: cinema, party, and so on. Furthermore according to the owners wishes the house can be set in 4 modes: home, away, on vacation, night time.