Simple and Usefull

You can benefit from more security, comfort and entertainment with the help of non-invasive technology.

A home automation system is developed with the help of multiple devices designed so that they can improve the quality of life. Generally, each technology comes with its own control app and interface. The end user has to learn how to configure devices in different apps, each with its own specific setup. Many of the available automation technologies offer closed apps that lack the option to integrate other equipment in the house. The solution presented by IMOWI offers the option to integrate more ecologies and protocols into only one app. This way the end user can benefit from multiple features.



Only one app

Your home can now be controlled with only one app that you can install and use from your smartphone, tablet or even from the web browser of your PC.

Custom scenes

Are you on holiday and there is no one who can water your lawn or turn on the lights at night time?
Just with one custom designed scene these worries will disappear and the irrigation system and the light system will perform the tasks.
The scene is an automated routine that combines more actions into one command. It is an ideal way to manage recursive tasks. Your own imagination is the limit.


Everywhere. Anytime.

Imagine the advantages you have if you could control your home from anywhere in the world. At work? Out in town? In another country? With IMOWI SOLUTIONS is as if you were at home.

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