Are you thinking of a party with your friends or a movie night with your family? Regardless of your choice, our team simplifies everything by integrating the media equipment into a centralized system.

Party with your friends

With just one click you can transform your home into a club. With the help of your phone or tablet, you can play in different rooms at the same time a variety of high quality songs from your own library or from an internet source. The multi-room system offers the option to play your favourite songs in the whole house or in individual rooms so that you can create a personal atmosphere. The sound system integrated into the smart home system facilitates the following scenes:

  • Audio warnings in case of fire, flood or intrusion
    Disco lights synced with the played song

Watch a movie with your family

Integrate your movie experience without any effort. No need for useless wires, just one click and your house can be transformed into a real cinema room. The following scenes can be created:

  • movie scene in which the TV turns on and the media player source is automatically selected, curtains are closed, lights are dimmed or turned off and all you have to do is pick your movie from the list
    TV scene where the digital TV source is automatically selected and you can then navigate through channels

Do you want your media devices to be integrated into a centralized system ?

All you have to do is book an appointment to see the compatibly of the devices you already own so that in the end you can benefit from a true media room.