Everything comes now in handy. Whether you hand to turn off a light, set the thermostat temperature or start the irrigation system, all are just one click away.

Intelligent lighting system

With the help of the lighting control system, you can turn off or on any lighting fixture, dim the light, change the color of RGB fixtures or create scenes as follows:

  • turn the lights on in the yard or other areas inside the house when it gets dark outsite
    automate lighting when you are away for simulating the presence inside the house
    disco light scheme for parties

Smart irrigation system

You can water the lawn or other flower pots directly from your sofa or even from your sun bed while on holiday. The irrigation system cat be set to be triggered on specific days, hours given weather conditions. The following scenes can be configured:

  • in summer if the weather is not rainy water each zone of lawn for 15 minute once every 3 days
    in other seasons if the weather is not rainy water each zone of lawn for 10 minute once every week

Smart shading systems

Shading control offers comfort and privacy, conserves energy and protects your furniture from sun damage. Once integrated into the system, the following scenes can be created:

  • Close the curtains for watching a movie or for privacy at night time
    Open the curtains in the morning to let the sun come into the bedroom
    Close the blinds to protect your windows from the storm

AC / Heating control

The climate maintenance allows the user to live with the optimum temperature given the time frame, room presence and exterior temperature. Advantages:

  • temperature control for each room
    temperature control from anywhere with the help of your phone, tablet or PC
    scenes for events such as: holidays, parties and so on
    automatic set on away mode when the house is armed

Do you want to take advantage of this type of comfort and convenience inside your home?

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