Enjoy the comfort of your home. Control your lights, curtains, irrigation system, thermostats and much more.
The true pace of mind. Protect your home and your loved ones. Control your security system, entry zone and security cameras.
Entertainment at home. Whether you enjoy listening to music from Deezer or you plan a movie night, IMOWI simplifies everything by offering a multi-room sound system, cinema mode and surround sound.

IMOWI - Intelligent monitoring over web interface

Control your house from anywhere with just one click. All for the safety, security, comfort, convenience and entertainment of your family.

Make your house smart and independent !

So easy you will become and expert in a few minutes !

Easy to learn and use

Only one app is enough to control your house from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • IOS app, Android app, WEB
    Custom made interface


You can securely access your house from anywhere.

  • Intranet access
    Internet access (WIFI networks, 3G/4G)

Choose the perfect scene

Merge more actions into one command.

  • Good morning / Good night
    Leave home/ Welcome back
    Warnings burglars/ fire/ flood
    Cinema/Disco mode.

Live smart. Live with the comfort at the fingertips.

You are so close to fulfilling your wish! To make your house a smart one follow the steps:

Book an appointemnt

Just one phone call or email and you can book an appointment with our team.

Plan and design

IMOWI helps you find the optimum solutions for your house, weather you wish to control your lights, curtains, irrigation system or heating system. The options are countless!

Install and configuration

Given the chosen solution, the required equipment will be installed and configured. Also support and maintenance is offered.


Smart home / Smart office space

Media Control

Only one remote control for all your media equipment: TV, media player, sound system …

Irrigation control

Enjoy the comfort to just watch your irrigation system watering the grass when is needed given weather conditions.

Appliances power usage

The option to be ECO by monitoring the power usages of major consumers in your home with the help of graphs that help you reduce your overall usage whenever is possible.

AC/Heating control

Summer or winter, prepare your home for your arrival. Create the perfect conditions in each room given the moment of the day.

Curtains/Blinds control

Close your blinds when you want to watch a movie or when you wish to protect your home inside from sun damage.




We are young team of engineers and technicians which besides earnestness and determinations comes with the know-how from universities in the smart home automation filed form Romania and UK..

We wish to make your life enjoyable with the help of professional systems and equipment from well know produces.